Al arabiya website hacked

Since yesterday Al Arabiya website is unaccesible…apparently a group who declares itself to be Shiia has hacked it by posting a picture of a burning Israeli flag and stating that”their” websites will be attacked if “they” attack “ours”..

Still not clear who  this “they”stands for..while the picture shows the Israeli flag, the message refers to Sunni groups who have been accused to have previously hacked the Shiaa websites.

“SERIOUS WARNING: If attacks on Shia WebSites Continue, none of your WebSites will be SAFE”, said the message both in Arabic and in English.

Last month the BBC reported that more than 300 Shiia websites – including the Ayatollah Ali Sistani of Iraq- were attacked by Sunni hacker groups, as the Gulf news magazine reminds us today.

This is part of the growing tension  in the Arab region going on between the Shiaa and Sunni groups:  the famous Al Jazeera v.i.p. Sheikh, Youssef Al Qaradawi (author of the flagship talk show Al Sharia wal hayat), has recently warned the Shiaa not to do any proselitysm in Sunni- majority countries. 

The hacker attack has not been extended to the website of MBC which is the Saudi backed group who controls Al Arabiya news channel as well as four of the top entertainment TV stations in the Arab world..

This Site Has Been Hacked…. – 

قناة العربية الإخبارية، حيث يمكنك مشاهدة بث القناة من خلال الموقع. – 2k –

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