Joi Ito’s lecture on Creative Commons in Talal Abu Ghazaleh Business Forum

Joi Ito’s lecture has just finished couple of hours ago here in Talal Abu Ghazaleh Business Forum, Amman, Jordan. Joi’s speech was as usual full of insights, very much focused on innovation as the primary engine for economy and business to move forward. And Creative Commons was described as “an open source for content”, the tool which could speed up the innovation by allowing people to share ideas legally and safely in order to progress -culturally, scientifically, economically and humanly speaking- thru sharing.

(Joi speaking in Amman, the King of Jordan’s pic behind him)

 This is a concept which would be key to develop in the Arab world, too. Some people in this Region do think that since copyright is not such a big constraint as it is in the US or EU Creative Commons may not be needed as a tool. Many people raised their hands to ask this question today in Amman. As Joi explained very clearly and wisely, since the world becomes more globalised and more connected, also the legal framework come to be similar. Btw, this is also happening in the Gulf, where many countries have absorbed the WTO rules on intellectual property. And since all the audiovisual media in the Arab world are originated in the Gulf, this is very much likely to reach the Maghreb and Mashreq very soon.


(Audience in the Talal Abu Ghazaleh Business Forum)

Jordan will be the first Arab country to have a CC license 3.0 ported hopefully in the very next months.

As Ziad Maraqa, one of the CC leads in Jordan, has underlined today, they had to face lots of big issues when translating the licences into Arabic and adapting to Jordanian copyright law. One of the most discussed change today was the translation of the word Creative Commons itself into Arabic, which many bloggers don’t see appropriate (see the discussion in the public forum). But, as Joi Ito underlined, the translation of the name Creative Commons is the most controversial issue in every jurisdiction according to the final users of the license:) Many other key topics as the use of the licenses in audiovisual media or in education have been discussed.

From left to right, Shadi Murtada from Abu Ghazaleh Company, Joi Ito, Ziad Maraqa CC Jordan lead.

The discussion with the audience was very lively and showed a great deal of interest. A good start for CC in the Arab region. Mabrouk!


One thought on “Joi Ito’s lecture on Creative Commons in Talal Abu Ghazaleh Business Forum

  1. i, actually to give a name is the most controversial issue tout court, to begin from the national registry office, because you need the name to be born, which means to be translated (above all for an inter-national – global – registry like CC). thank u for your report:)

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