Al Jazeera still the top Arab brand for 2008

Forbes Arabia has just disclosed the top 40 Arab brands for 2008: Without much surprise, Al Jazeera is still the “most wanted” in the Arab world and not only, since in 2004 it was the fifth brand in the whole world, according to Brandchannel.

The most interesting finding in the Forbes Arabia chart is that among the first 10 brands in this list of 40 the top positions are held by tv and media companies.

MBC, the Saudi backed and Dubai based network, seats at number two, while Rotana, backed by the world famous billionaire Prince Waleed Bin Talal, helds the fifth position, followed by LBC, a successfull Lebanese TV channel which the same Prince owns, together with Sheikh Pierre El Daher, one of the founders.

This proves that TV and broadcasting media are still very powerful in the Arab world, representing the most profitable sector where to invest if aiming to enhance brand image and marketing potential. But also if aiming at having an influence on society and on public opinion in the Arab region.


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