The first Muslim virtual world to be launched soon

Avatars will wear hijab and go to prayer rooms five times a day. And even if there will be a proper currency it won’t surely be used to buy alchool in this new upcoming virtual world designed by the social network, which already hosts many themed bloggers, forum, polls, an online Tv service plus the Quran in many languages, with the possibility to browse in the surah of the Holy book.

The new virtual world, named Muxlim Pal, is reported to be open to everybody, not only to Muslims.  “It’s not a religious platform, but a virtual world which is addressed to religious and not religious people” in the words of Ashar Saeed, the vice-president, who is from Sweden but now based in London, and is a young pioneer in the field of Islamic finance.  And Mohamed El Fatatry, the Ceo and founder, seems to be one of the most successfull in the online Islamic space. He says in his webprofile to have been nicknamed the “Linus Torvalds” of the Muslim world. Maybe also because most of the Muxlim team comes from the homeland of Linux’s father. Most of the Finnish people in the Muxlim staff are working in the web development or graphic side of the web platform, except for the co-founder and board member Pietari Paivanen who is a Finnish.

The composition of the Muxlim team is quite multicultural and the final goal of the platform is to serve  “as a tool to let people explore the Muslim culture“, a lively and immersive tool rather than a static and non-interactive one.

The official launching of Muxlim Pal is scheduled in few weeks but the platform has already attracted a lot of press and media attention.

Next step is to see how the tool will be received in the Arab world and if, being an “halal” space, it can avoid to be censored as many of the social networks and web 2.0. platforms (Skype, You Tube, Facebook, etc) are censored in different Arab countries for many reasons, but first of all for allowing social networking and free speech.


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