Jordan’s new exciting filmaking scene

I am currently out in Amman, Jordan and I am discovering an exciting forming filmaking industry. Jordan does not have a strong background in filmaking and movie industry (it has produced only a very few number of feature films), neither it is an oil rich country like the Gulf which is compensating the lack of tradition in the audiovisual industry with a good injection of money to create a new one.Indeed, it has a very promising future in the field of creativity in media.

A Jordanian animation company, called Media Plus, has just won the Silver Award at the Cairo Arab Media Festival with its cartoon series“Nahfat Ailetna” which tells a lot about Jordanian society in a very nice and entertaining way. But this is not the only good news for the country.  Institutions like the Royal Film Commission are doing a great job to raise up a new generation of filmakers by providing training in the audiovisual field and by renting the film equipment to who wants to practise filmaking.  The team of the RFC is all made up by young people, plenty of talent and energy.

Like Sarah, the lebanese young lady who teaches camera and filmaking. I attended her class today and  have to say that I have rarely seen such an energy and a talent in teaching technical stuff. She was also enriching her lessons by quoting all sorts of films, from the “Russian Ark” by Russian director Sokurov to “L’Avventura” by Antonioni: films that I have rarely heard quoted in a similar course in Europe.  I would really love to introduce people like Sarah to the ones in Europe who say -too often- that we should “train” the young ones in the Arab world, teach them how to use the digital technologies, etc etc. During the last Euromed meeting I attented in Cairo few days ago this attitude was sometime out once again, and I think it’s very bad that the people in Europe still have their eyes closed on what’s happening in the Arab world. Young people in the Arab world are gifted, talented and plenty of energy and creativity like Sarah, plus they know very well how to use digital media.

The group in the RFC is exactly proving this. They are active, plenty of  talent, and they are trying to build up an industry and a new generation of filmakers in a very passionate way.

They also have a very cool movie library that they are trying to build up and a very cosy screening room where people will be able to seat and watch European movies as well as Arab, Asian, American, etc. This gorgeous screening room has been designed by two young architects, Jordanian of course. Keep an eye on this new generation of Jordanian people that will be booming with such a passion!





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