Al Jazeera alone doing the job

It seems that Al Jazeera is now alone reporting from Gaza. We are witnessing a massacre through its screens. Few minutes ago it was also broadcasting Gaza live on one side, and President Sarkozy on the other side, involved in many diplomatic talks to stop Israeli’s attacks. Also Al Jazeera English is doing a good job, after many months -and some years- of not so brilliant news coverage- is now like revitalised, doing a very extensive coverage with interesting political analysis and live reports. Where are Western channels??Is it Gaza not a “story”in journalistic terms?

5 thoughts on “Al Jazeera alone doing the job

  1. Do you not listen to the BBC world Service? There is a reporter in Gaza. This is a strange rumour being spread by others than you that Al Jazeera is alone there.

  2. hi kristina
    thanks for your comment. sorry, my post was written in a hurry and i didn’t specify which western channels are not there..Bbc world service is there, but too many others are not..and, about the ones that are there, I dont think they are giving the right space and relevance to what’s happening..Al Jazeera is not alone, of course. Also Al Manar, the Hezbollah channel, is there, inside Gaza. While Al Arabiya, as many other channels, is at the border, not inside Gaza, which makes a difference. But, please, have a look at Al Jazeera. It is the only channel doing an amazing job in term of simoultaneus coverage, from inside and outside Gaza.

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