Some side effects of the Gaza crisis

Jordan Prime Minister Nader Dahabi has formally apologized with Al Jazeera‘s Amman bureau chief Yasser Abu Helalah who was beated by the police, together with  other Jordanian staff member of the channel,  during a massive demonstration pro-Gaza on friday. Many Jordanians are Palestianians or of Palestinian origin and we can immagine to what extent the Gaza attacks are effecting them. Yesterday there were massive demonstrations all across the countries -one of them, in Amman, being organised by the Muslim Brotherhood is reported to have hosted more than 100.000 people- protesting against Israel and calling upon the abrogation of the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel.

With the hostilities continuing in Gaza and the anger of the “Arab streets” growing, this would reflect also on Arab governments that are reputed -now more than ever-  to be guilty for what’s happening by the Arab public opinions, fostered by Arab TV channels or leaders like Nasrallah that is claiming Arab governments’ responsibility in this crisis.

Many Arabs are demostrating those days across the Arab world. They are expressing an anger that has always been there -an anger which is aimed at their own goverments as much as it is aimed at Israel-.

With the escalation of violence in Gaza, and if the Arab governments are perceived not to do anything for the Gaza people, the situation risks to become explosive fro many other Arab countries. The risk of destabilising all the Arab region is there.

Hasan Nasrallah said, in one of his last speeches, that the only “positive thing that we are witnessing in the Arab world during those days is that the Arab people are alive, are demostrating all across the Arab world, and they are putting pressure on their governments”.

Nasrallah reminded  the Arabs, during the Ashura, that Chavez has expelled the Israeli ambassador proving himself to be more Palestinian that all the Arab governments.


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