Obama and the Arab world…

Yesterday Al Arabiya exclusive interview to US President Barack Obama was a first clear sign of the “new era” in the relations between America and the Arab world. We have just released a book -unfortunately, it is in Italian only for the moment- that analyses how Arab media -Tv stations, Panarab newspapers- but also people – bloggers, university students- have talked about Obama and the future challenges he will afford in the Arab world. I have edited the book with my colleague Augusto Valeriani, and we got very interesting countributions from all over the Arab world and US. The book, entitled “An Hussein at the White House. What the Arab world thinks about Barack Obama” (Odoya 2009), features essays from: italian-algerian sociologist Khaled Fouad Allam; Lawrence Pintak, director of the Kamal Adham Center for Television Journalism (American University of Cairo), and “his” bloggers; Amer Al Sabaileh, professor at the University of Amman, and his students; Jihad N. Fakhreddine, Gallup Regional Research Director for Mena Region; Adil Radoini, Italian sociologist invited to follow the elections in the US by US embassy in Rome; mass media expert Enrico De Angelis. Plus Augusto Valeriani, Associate research fellow at Arab media centre of Westminister University and myself.


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