First Arab launchpad event for startups and tech companies to be held in Amman

Jordan seems to be once more the new emerging “place to be” in the Arab world in terms of  new technologies.

The event organised on next 23rd february in Amman by Arabcrunch and Dart looks really a “must go”.


Arab Crunch Demo is an open stage for promising new tech companies and start ups all across the Arab world to pitch their ideas in front of fellow entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, IT professionals, IT students, media, and early tech adopters.

For this first exciting demo the organisers have selected3 startups from Egypt:

  • weNear: Mobile location based framework.
  • Adhere: the first mobile open source server.
  • Al-Khawarizmy: Beyond the words Arabic embedded Search.

2 Startups from Jordan:

  • Ishki: The Arab complaints web 2.0 vortal.
  • MailPacks: SaaS Auto responder.

and 3 keynote speakers coming from all around the world (have a look at their bios)

  • Herve Cuviliez: Managing Director, KuvCapital.
  • Khaled Jabasini: Founder and CEO, E-Marketing MENA.
  • Sumaya Kazi Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief at The CulturalConnect, Senior Social Media Manager at Sun Microsystems.

Among the sponsors of the event, Ikbis the “You Tube” Arab style, Maktoob one of the most popular online community in the Arab world and Mashable the world famous blog focused on web 2.0.

The organisers of this really cool and brand new event are Dart, the student’s entrepreneurship society of Queen Rania Center for Enterpreneurship in Amman; and Arabcrunch, Gaith Saqer’s brilliant professional blog dedicated to profiling and reviewing Arab originated technology startups and existing Internet and mobile companies, and their products and services. Arabcrunch carries really interesting articles and reviews on Arab startups, together with updates with news and event like the Jordan Twestival or Twitter festival.

Mabrouk to Gaith for this cool iniative! Once more, this proves that new generations in the Arab world are very active and willing to experiment new creative ideas. As for us in the Western media, we should really try to have a better look into this vibrant reality of people doing cool things, instead of always focusing on wars, terror and alleged backwardness coming from the Region.

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