Beirut Barcamp and what’s next


First ever Arab barcamp was held yesterday in Beirut at AUB.  Despite an horrible weather (never seen such raining and cold weather  in Beirut) there was an incredible attendance of people, coming from different fields, from IT, education, media. And lots of Lebanese Geeks that have kindly uploaded nice pics on Flickr!

We discussed many interesting topics such as the state of Arabic content on the Web and how to improve it, the state of computer education in Lebanon and in the Arab world, the use of ICT to improve education and knowlegde, social media marketing, how to do community outreach and raise awareness for the upcoming Lebanese elections, IP, and how to develop Creative Commons in the Arab world. The sessions notes can be find on the barcamp wiki.

We also discussed what to do next to keep this incredible group of people together and to go further into the discussion of those key topics for the future of innovation and creativity in the Arab world. There is an idea to hold barcamp focused sessions on each topics: follow the wiki to stay updated.

With this exciting event Lebanon proves once again to be a very interesting place for everything which concerns creativity, innovation and people participation. Thanks to Dave Munir Nabti of Rootspace and all the co-organisers, sponsors and partners for making this happen.


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