Alliance instead of clash…

Rasmussen has just spoken right now. He thanks the Turkish hospitality and then he addresses very directly to the sad issue he is famous for. Starts by saying that “censorship is the enemy of the dialogue” while “freedom of expression helps long term peaceful development”. A very clear sentence which confirms the positions he used to hold during the crisis. But now he looks softer than he used to be in the past during the cartoon episode: “I condemn any action that offends any religion..I respect Islam and its religious symbols and the feelings of all Muslims..I would never myself depict any religious figure…Likewise I was sad to see that these cartoons were considered by some Muslims like as an offense”.

He adds that, as the new secretary general of Nato, he  will “pay close attention to the religious and cultural sensibility of the diverse communities that live in this various world”. “I consider a personal responsibility for me to carry on the dialogue with Islamic world”, he points out and the crowd’s applause proves everybody welcomes this new approach.

Obama sending greetings to the persians on You Tube for Newroz, Rasmussen personally taking care of the cultural and religious dialogue, what’s happening to the world?

What is clear is that a new era, at least in communication policies, has started. Words like alliance and dialogue are taking crusades and clash places in international communication vocabulary. The entire world is now hoping that this will be not  just a re-styling and a new make up with the same old face.


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