Next Arab barcamp to be held in Dubai on 9th may


The next Arab barcamp is going to be hosted in Dubai Internet City on 9th may.

More info at

The programme looks very exciting with some very cool topics to be discussed like  “social media for social change”

“We use social media tools everyday to make new friends, form interest networks, share pictures and videos, spread news and information like wild fire, and learn and share knowledge within communities.
A growing number of initiatives like, Twestival,,, the Facebook causes app, etc are using the power of social networks to make a real difference in peoples lives.
Let’s put our heads together in this animated discussion by sharing examples and exploring ways to affect social change by using social media tools”.

Or this one, “How social translation can help prevent the web replicating knowledge divides“, propose by George Weyman who is working for the very cool SF based platform Meedan.

Barcamp UAE looks a cool event and it seems that the Arab world is quickly opening its doors to the barcamp culture by adding interesting topics and lively discussions.


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