Global Enterpreneurs’ Week started in Amman today

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is over, but it looks like Amman is going to stay as the place to be for talking business and creativity for the next upcoming days.

Queen Rania Centre for Enterpreneurship (QRCE) is organising the Global Enterpreneurs’ Week (GEW), a full week of interesting talks and insights focused on how to foster creativity and innovation in business. The week -which will last until 21 may, programme can be found – was inaugurated today by HRH Princess Summaya bint al Hasan who chairs the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Amman.

Mohamed Khawaja, deputy director at QRCE, invited many interesting people to address opening speeches, among them Mohammad Khammas, CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group, a big Dubai holding who was also presenting a shared project with argentinians and south-africans about supporting young students interested in opening new businesses.

Joi Ito, Ceo of Creative Commons, was talking about innovation and its costs, which were dramatically lowered by the Internet. Basically the Internet is like an open free and very creative R&D department accessible to everybody, if we keep it open:)  Innovation without permission was basically the successfull model on which all Silicon Valley -and, more in general, the US model- is based but cant’ be exported like it is in other places.  Jordan, like as the other Arab countries, has to find its own path to innovation, maybe insisting on a couple of creative and bold local enterpreneurs to change the way to do business and then extend it locally and regionally.

Habib Haddad, Lebanese entrepreneur now based in the US, co-founder of and recently nominated at WEF as one of the Young Arab Leaders of Tomorrow, inaugurated the GEW with his keynote speech entitled “From idea to reality”, describing the creation of a start-up just like building the layers of an onion.

The GEW has a very interesting programme which underlines how Amman is quickly becoming an hot spot in the Arab world to discuss business and creativity issues. Jordan is very cleverly pushing on the greatest resource it has got: its population, made up by a majority of young people under 30 that have the energy and the creativity to innovate and set up new ideas and businesses.


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