Royal Film Commission/Creative Commons workshop in Amman going great

I am currently out in Amman, fourth day of the online media creativity workshop, the join effort between Royal Film Commission of Jordan and Creative Commons.

The students are great, very active and creative and I think everybody is enjoying the training. Joi (Ito), CEO of Creative Commons, is teaching the students how to use online tools to create stuff and promote it. He has been a great teacher, full of passion and energy -as usual!-. Since he is also a great photographer, he has put a lot of nice pics on his Flickr photostream. He also wrote a very nice post on his blog and I’d love to thank him too, for all the energy he put in this and also for the fun we all had in the past days. Thanks also to the students, the SAE people and the great staff of Royal Film Commission, Mohannad and Nada that made this possible and Mais who is our angel..

For who’s interested to follow live we set up a blog and Twitter tagged with#rfconlinemedia.


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