Monitoring Lebanese elections through citizen journalism

Lebanese elections are tomorrow but the buzz online has already started. Sharek961, the open source project built on the Ushahidi platform, is an independent, non-partisan group of people and ngos interested in monitoring the elections and promote trasparency. Many individuals and citizens will contribute sending their feeds through sms, web, etc and some very cool lebanese ngos like Smex and Rootspace are  members of the project. They also have a Twitter account @sharek961.

The Lebanese Twitter crowd will be very active tomorrow -as it is today-. The most used hashtag seem to be #Lebaneseelections and #Lebanon#Elections.

Also Meedan is putting lots of efforts in monitoring the elections. I will be doing my best, together with some of them, to report about how Arab media is covering the event. But we need more volunteers! So, pls, if somebody is interested to help us setting an Arab Media Monitoring Task Force (there are so many channels to watch!) send a Twitter message @donatelldr, an email at or join the discussion on Meedan. Shukran kteer!


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