Iran elections and, again, the winner is Twitter

With the ongoing post-election turmoil in Iran, the shutting down of mobiles phones and blogs and many websites in the country, Twitter seems to be “the medium” over there. There have been a number of articles and blog posts on this which I would like to mention here – like the Time article, mentioning the unprecedent intervention of US State Department on Twitter maintainance to move the upgrade in order not to prevent Iranians from twittering in such a delicate moment- .

There is a (controversial) op-ed by Thomas Friedman on the New York Times -over debated inside Twitter itself- who asks: “Is Twitter to Iranian moderates what muezzins were to Iranian mullahs?. The answer is still in the hands of the net.

While Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya have been prevented from reporting in Iran, thousands of 140 characters messages flow through Twitter. The opposition candidate Mousavi has set his own account @mousavi1388 , most used hastags are  #Iranelection and #Green4Iran. The latest today was inviting everybody on Twitter to turn green and so there were green avatars everywhere on Twitter.

The dialogue platform Meedan has set an interesting event channel to monitor the elections with all their available Farsi translators.

ABC quotes Shahrzad, a blogger supporting Ahmadinejad: “What I am witnessing is something incredible in the history of Islamic Republic”. “We’ve never felt this much freedom to talk.”

I think this is a good point to start the discussion with, whether you are on one side or on the other.


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