The Internet challenging Iranian regime

Thanks to the many Iranians that are eagerly using Twitter those days to share breaking news, links, pictures and articles with the rest of the world, I came across this very interesting paper published in May 2009 by the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, a non profit organisation based in Connecticut, US. “Ctrl +alt+delete:Iran’s response to the Internet” gives an overview on how the Internet has been censored and blocked over the years by the Iranian regime. It contains a documentation on bloggers and citizen journalists that have been tortured and arrested for their Internet activities and it also reports on the technical methods that are used by the regime to block and alter the web.

For those who read Italian, I recommend the paper published few days ago on Limes written by Raffaele Mauriello, an Italian scholar who speaks perfect Farsi and lives in Iran.


(the slogan now used by Iranian activists, after the Iranian girl Neda was shot dead during yesterday’s demonstrations)

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