Al Jazeera centre for studies reviews “Un Hussein alla Casa Bianca. Cosa pensa il mondo arabo di Barack Obama”

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies has published Samar Franco’s review of our book “Un Hussein alla Casa Bianca. Cosa pensa il mondo arabo di Barack Obama. Samar is an Iraqi student who does her phd in Italy so she perfectly speaks and understands Italian. Unfortunately not so many are able to understand our language so we are extremely grateful to Samar for having reviewed the book edited by A. Valeriani and myself (with many important contributions coming from the Arab world as: Jihad N. Fakhreddine, Head of Gallup Middle East; Dr Amer Al Sabaileh, lecturer at the University of Jordan, Department of European languages and studies, and his great students; Professor Larry Pintak,  Director of the Adham Center for Television Journalism at the American University in Cairo and his “Egyptian bloggers go to America” project featuring Sandmonkey and Wael Abbas, among the other very cool Egyptian bloggers).

We are also grateful to Ezzedine Abdelmoula, Head of Media Studies Unit at Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, for having published Samar’s review. And we hope that in the future the book can be translated into Arabic, inshallah! Thanks to everybody who contributed to it.

حسين في البيت الأبيض-صورة باراك أوباما في الإعلام العربي


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