The Arab social web and Creative Commons at Picnic Festival in Amsterdam

I’m heading to Amsterdam to Picnic Festival (23-25 sept) which I am sure will be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I’ll moderate the session which has this charming title of “The Arab social web” and will feature  Moeed Ahmad, the Head of New Media at Al Jazeera channel, and Mohamed Najem, co-founder of Social Media Exchange, a very interesting Lebanese ngo focused on social media and development who took part at Sharek961 the social monitoring process for Lebanese elections. There’s currently a lot of interest on this “social web” topic and how it is developing in the Arab world. And it will be very interesting to see how it will be perceived not only by the web 2.0 fans gathering at Picnic from all over the world, but also by the Dutchs, who are currently living a very “troubled”  relation with the Arab-Muslim world (see also the recent episode of Dutchs prosecuting Arabs over Holocaust cartoon).

On thursday 24th we are going to have a Creative Commons special workshop focused on how to share and remix audiovisual contents. Moeed is going also to join and chat about the Al Jazeera Creative Commons repository project launched during the Gaza crisis. Paul Keller, Creative Commons’ public project lead in the Netherlands, is going to coordinate this. Gonna be a lot of fun and interesting insights!


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