Al Jazeera launches new programme grid for 13th anniversary

I’m just back from a nice but very short trip to the Gulf which included Doha, too. It is always interesting to pay a visit to Al Jazeera Channel which is like “home” for me, after so many trips over there for books, articles, conferences. This time I’ve found “men at working” over there and this sounded like a major renewal. Indeed, it is. The folks over there explained that Al Jazeera’s 13th birthday party -which is in November- will be celebrated with big changes, both in the programme grid and at the channel headquarters where a brand new building has been added overlooking the big satellite paraboles.

I’ve just got these two press releases from their PR office which contain more info about the new grid which will be broadcasted by tomorrow. Being a fan of the Al Jazeera New Media folks for all that they have been doing in the domain of social media, Internet, interaction between “old” journalism and new partecipatory social news, I’d like to underline that a “new media flavour” will be added to “Minbar Al Jazeera”, one of the oldest programme of the channel. Viewers will be abled to interact live and express their views thru social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. But that’s just one thing that we’ll be seeing by tomorrow. Stay tuned..

Press Release

Al Jazeera Channel Launches a ‘New Look’ and New Programmes on its Thirteenth Anniversary

October 30, 2009, Doha Qatar: Al Jazeera Satellite Channel has just finished preparations to launch a new look and a new cycle of programmes to coincide with its “Al Jazeera Day” celebrations on November 1st, the day on which the Network will also celebrate Al Jazeera Arabic’s thirteenth anniversary as well the sixth anniversary of the launch of Al Jazeera Sport Channel and the third anniversary of Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Documentary channels.

This Sunday night’s edition of “Al Hasad” (“Harvest of the Day”), Al Jazeera Arabic’s main news programme, will have a new look and color scheme and new theme music. The changes include a newly redesigned studio incorporating a video wall and other state of the art technologies.

In addition, the management has also introduced important changes to its content based on findings from a recent opinion poll conducted by Nielsen, a leading international research company that specializes in viewer conduct and TV ratings. The sample survey included 27,000 viewers from 14 Arab countries.

Commenting on the ‘New Look’ and new cycle of programmes at the Al Jazeera Channel, Wadah Khanfar, Director General of the Network stated,  “The changes are aimed at making the channel’s programmes more dynamic and more interactive to attract new audiences, especially the youth.” He further added, “The new programmes will provide much more in–depth analysis and the new changes to the channel’s studios and on-screen graphics will reflect Al Jazeera’s commitment to deliver to our audiences the best in broadcasting while maintaining Al Jazeera’s authentic style which they have become accustomed to over the years.”

Along with the new look there are a number of additional changes introduced to news programmes as well. The main news programmes, “Midday” and “Harvest of the Day”, will adopt more in-depth analyses and a faster rhythm with the new style aimed at giving the channel’s reporters and correspondents in the field a greater role in coverage and a closer engagement with its audiences through social and human interest stories. The channel will continue broadcasting its “Maghribi” North African bulletin daily at midnight Makkah time. In addition, a new weekly sports bulletin will be shown at 2:30 Friday afternoons.

One of the most important changes in programmes will include the channel’s talk shows. The new programming grid will see the introduction of two new talk shows. The first called “ Fi Alumq”, Arabic for “In-Depth”, will host intellectuals, analysts, and strategists to discuss issues from different angles in news and current affairs presenting in-depth analyses of major issues pertaining to the region and the world. The programme will be aired at 10 pm every Monday night and will be introduced by Al Jazeera’s well-known anchor Ali Al Dafiri.  Another newcomer to the grid “Al Milaf” or “The File” will deal with political and social issues that are of key interest to the Arab world and the world in general. The programme will have packages and discussions that go beyond the surface and look at the essence of issues rather than focusing on overt controversies. “The File” will be aired at 10pm on Friday nights and will be introduced by Sami Kluaib.

Al Jazeera’s viewers will also have a chance to enjoy more football related coverage through a weekly programme called “Dunia Al Kura”, or “The World of Football”. This programme will cover the different football events in a non-traditional style prepared by a team of sporting specialists. It will be hosted by Muhammed Sa’adoun Al Kuwwari at 8pm Monday nights.

“Minbar Al Jazeera” (“Al Jazeera’s Platform”), the programme which gives a voice to the voiceless will also see several changes to its look with a more interactive format allowing the audience to have a greater ability to express their views by engaging through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

All times noted above are GMT +3


Press Release:

New Documentary Series “Al-Islamiyoun” (the Islamists)  To Be Aired On Al Jazeera

October 25, 2009, Doha, Qatar: As part of its new program grid starting on November 1st, Al Jazeera Satellite Channel will air the new seriesAl Islamiyoun” (the Islamists).

Extending over 18 episodes, the program is the first documentary series presenting an in-depth analysis of political Islam and its development in the contemporary era. Drawing on a rich body of historical events, the series includes over 70 interviews with politicians belonging to different schools of thought in addition to a number of analysts and intellectuals from more than 12 countries.

The first part, which covers almost half of the series, presents a historical approach to the phenomenon of political Islam, starting from its foundation up to the 1960s. This is the period when most of the original Islamic movements emerged in a number of Islamic countries.

The second part covers the subsequent rise of political Islam and its diverse expressions extending beyond the founding movements. The documentary shows rare archival pictures of some of the most important events.

Preparations for this unprecedented and comprehensive documentary series spanned over almost four years and included an extended production team with the participation of a select group of researchers and intellectuals. This ground-breaking work adds to the previous achievements of Al Jazeera in the field of documentary production such as The Lebanon War, The Story of a Revolution, and Al-Nakba.

The program will start airing on Friday November 6 on Al Jazeera Satellite Channel, and on Saturday November 7 on Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.

3 thoughts on “Al Jazeera launches new programme grid for 13th anniversary

  1. I’m so glad I just found this blog! I’m really interested about this new look. I assume it will launch at 8pm GMT on ‘Hasad Al Youm’? interesting time to begin the new look?

    I am also really interested in what the new set looks like, I hope they release a picture soon!

  2. I’m dissapointed to be honnest! The music sucks so hard compared to the old musictheme. The videowall is hideous! Don’t get me wrong i’d love a videowall, but this one has lines between the different screens. Why didn’t they just buy a wall like the one of Aljazeera Newshour? And they really don’t know how to use that wall, they just stand in front of it, and don’t interact like they do in Aljazeera Newshour.
    Further I have to say, now AJ looks a lot like it’s sister AJE; which is good.

  3. لا سلام مع الاجرام و كل ذلك تمويه و ها نحن قد رأينا النهاية و نطلب من الحكومة العربية التصريح بالمظاهرات فليس لدينا شيء سوى السنتنا و قلوبنا و نرجو فتح الحدود نعيمة من تونس

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