Creative Commons Jordan launch and first Arab world Salon to be held on 15-16 nov in Amman

Creative Commons is finally due to launch in Jordan next sunday 15th nov with a big gathering of law experts  from all across the world and the Arab Region. Ziad Maraqa and Rami Olwan, CC Jordan leads, have organised a conference at Talal Abu Ghazaleh business Forum that will frame the debate around the launch of CC Jordan in the broader context of copyright reform, and will focus on how CC could be applied to business, artistic, entrepreneurial activities in the Arab world by showcasing case studies as the CC AL Jazeera repository.

Science Commons will be introduced for the first time in the Arab world.

The conference will start at 10 am at the Talal Abu Ghazaleh Business College at the German Jordanian University, Mekka Street, Amman. Conference will be opened by Ministry of Justice Aiman Odeh, and will feature opening remaks of Joi Ito, Ceo of Creative Commons, and Talal Abu Ghazaleh. Then the Jordan team will present the work they have been doing over the past years on the translation and porting process.

Other speakers include Diane Peters (General Counsel of Creative Commons), John Wilbanks (VP of Science Commons), Prof. Brian Fitzgerald (project lead of Creative Commons Australia at Professor at Queensland University Of Technlogy, Brisbane).

On the 16th Creative Commons will celebrate the first ever CC Arab Salon. Event is due to kick off at 6pm @Al Balad Theatre in Downtown Amman.

The Salon will feature media organisations, artists, bloggers and creative people from the Arab world who have used CC licenses and would like to share the results of opening up their work.

The Amman Salon is going to be a major step going towards fostering the creation of original Arabic content and encouraging the people to share it with the entire world.  To this extent, the enthusiastic support of the Royal Film Commission who is co-organising the event under the Royal Patronage of Prince Ali bin al Hussein has been extremely key and encouraging.

A big thank to the enourmous efforts of the wide variety of passionate people and hard workers that were involved in organising this, and of course to the pioneer artists from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Qatar that are going to showcase their “CC under” works! and thanks to the Jordan Open Source Association that has designed the logo of the Salon and set up an online contest to vote the most popular option which proved to be this one:





And that’s the final programme of the Salon. It’s going to be lots of artists and lots of fun! Spread the word and join us in Amman!


Opening greetings: HRH Prince Ali bin al Hussein, Chairman of the Royal Film Commission

Greetings and overview on CC: Joi Ito, Ceo Creative Commons

Use of CC in the Arab world. The pioneers:

CC for media:

Moeed Ahmad, Al Jazeera (Qatar)

Nora Younis, Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt)

CC for visual artists:

Naeema Zarif (Lebanon)

Ahmad Ali (Syria)

CC for comics:

Maya Zankoul (Lebanon)

CC for a creative economy

Nadine Toukan and Yusuf Mansur, Urdun Mubdi3 (Jordan)

CC for filmmakers:

Cyril Aris and Mouna Akl (Lebanon)

CC for Social Media Community Projects

Ramsey Tesdell and Lina Ejleilat (Jordan)

CC for user generated content and Internet start ups:

Laith Zraikat, Jeeran (Jordan)

CC for poetry:

Emad Nasser, Seejal (Jordan)

CC for geeks:

Bassel Safadi, Discover Syria (Syria)

Eman Jaradat, Jordan Open Source Association (Jordan)

Music remix and live act by Rejon (US-China)



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