First Syrian Tweet up meeting!

…Well it’s not really the “first” (it’s the fourth!) but it’s the first I’ve attended ever in Damascus.

Meeting was supposed to start at 5 pm and finish at 7 pm on 29th nov. but it lasted until midnight!As everything in Damascus this came as a surprise: I think most of the people attending didn’t expect something peculiar to happen, we just went for curiousity to meet our online folks. A lawyer, a designer, a translator, a web developer, a bunch of geeks and Linux enthusiasts, people with very different backgrounds came. I’ve attended many online-offline meetings so far and my experience is that there is always a “cold” moment, a moment were the conversation has to be set yet, or sometime people simply don’t find sympathetic with each other.

But what I saw today in Damascus was so far the best discussion ever between people who didn’t know each other before and just enjoyed the taste of discovery and talking about technology, law, freedom, philosophy, society, art, many topics and so many insights coming from so many different backgrounds. The meeting lasted hours of talks, food, drinks, smoke and so much fun.

That’s the magic of Damascus and Syrian people, something in their way of talking about stuff that is so enthralling. Thanks to @basselsafadi@mkayyali @aularon @Beshrkayali @MeXp_sy @linux_lady @zaherg @hosamakras @free_programmer and the others who were there at my first (and not last!) Syrian Tweet up!

2 thoughts on “First Syrian Tweet up meeting!

  1. Thanks for this article Dona,

    another tweet up meeting will be tomorrow Dec 25 at 6pm in costa cafe.
    we will discuss some cc related topics and some activism projects.
    but we are missing you here 😦 hope that you can join us in 2010 in other meetings

    enjoy your time and Merry Christmas

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