Public screenings of “To shoot an elephant” to be organised worldwide on 18th Jan

The producers of the award winning documentary film “To shoot an elephant” are calling for a global screening of the film shot during the December 2008 Israeli attack on Gaza. The global screenings are self organised and grassroot.  All you have to do is going to their community website , read the rules and do it yourself.

The documentary can be legally  downloaded, shared, translated, screened, copied under the only condition of attributing the source and releasing the derivative product under the same license. Alberto Arce and Mohammad Rujeilah, the two directors, have decided to release the film under the Creative Commons Attibution Share alike license in order to have the images circulating and being seen by as many people as possible.

The Gaza situation has not been improving since the Israeli bombings “ended”: on the contrary, the population is still suffering and there are many other problems as pointed out by the (failed) Gaza Freedom March where Egypt played the most important role in the failure of the demonstration.

Since it is so difficult to go to Gaza and enter it, since it is so hard to get access to images shot there and talk to people over there, this film is even more important.

As many screenings as possible should be encouraged, particularly in the Arab world, which is still so close and so far to Gaza and its people. Arabs are still Arabs’ worst enemies as the last, extremely sad Egypt-Gaza episode showed to the entire world.

Global screenings are to be held worldwide on 18th January and are listed here.


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