To Shoot an Elephant global screenings in the Arab world

The team from “To Shoot an Elephant” , the award-winning CC-licensed documentary directed by Alberto Arce and Mohammad Rujeilah, organized a global screening of the documentary last January 18, 2010.

The campaign, called “Global Screening Global Screaming”, was coordinated through the documentary’s community website and has inspired 240 screenings worldwide, from Venezuela to Thailand from the US to India. More will be organised in the next months, in different countries and locations.

The response of the Arab world community to this event has been significant. I would just like to bring some examples about the incredible community participation and enthusiasm that this event has registered throughout the Arab Region.

Royal Film Commission in Amman, Jordan, has screened “To shoot an elephant” with around 100 people attending and  hosting a phone live debate with Mohammad Rujeilah, a Gaza citizen and one of the two directors of the documentary.

With the kind cooperation of Hisham Morocco was able to screen the movie at the Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics in Casablanca, as well as France which hosted two screenings, one in Poitiers and the other one in Paris.

The latter was organised by Regarde à Vue an association of social media activists who organises training and workshops mostly in Palestine and share all its works under Creative Commons.

Thanks to Hussein , Bahrain screened “To shoot an elephant” at the Bahraini Medical Society. Pictures of the event can be found here:

The virtual world of Second Life also had its “To Shoot an Elephant” at the Galleria Szczepanski cinema thanks to  Movieoonline and  2LifeCast

You can have a look at some beautiful SL pictures of the event here

It seems that the SL residents are asking for more screenings, the next one should be February 8, so watch out!

I`d like to thank all the people that have made all these worldwide events possible, and not only in the Arab world.

“To shoot an elephant” is  available for free download under Creative Commons license at

ps For those of you who are in Rome, tonite Forte Prenestino is screening the film at 21.30 local time info at

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