YL Social Media Cafe tomorrow at Zico House, Beirut

“Switching from the culture of consumption to the culture of creation. Can Arabs do it?”.

This is the question I’ll try to address in my talk at the YL Social Media Cafe tomorrow 6th of March in Beirut.

And this is one of the gorgeous pics that my  Lebanese friend artist Maya Zankoul has been so kind to design for my presentation (I’m really flattered!). Maya is one of the most promising young Lebanese artists and she also publishes under Creative Commons. People like her make me thinking that yes, of course, that “switching from the culture of consmption to the culture of creation” is possible.

For those of you who are in beautiful Beirut tomorrow, please join us at Zico House in Hamra starting from 4pm.

The YL Social Media Cafe programme is here:  http://ylsmc.wordpress.com/ and on Facebook.

Thanks to Hiba and her team for inviting me to such an interesting event I’m looking forward to it!

ps. Maya’s illustration is under CC BY license. Pls read the terms of use and don’t trick!!!

2 thoughts on “YL Social Media Cafe tomorrow at Zico House, Beirut

  1. Although the question in the heading is quite pretentious and can be interpreted as racist, I wish to ask how your presentation went and how well it was received.

    • shukran ya Khaled. Of course the title is ironic!If you read my blog, my bio and everything you will know that I’ve spent more than 10 years studying and travelling in the Arab world. The title is just a provocation to say “yalla shabab!”. presentation is today in Beirut I’ll post afterwards but you can also follow on my Twitter @donatelladr

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