Lessig’s slides on his Italian Parliament lecture

I’d like to share this link to the  lecture Larry Lessig delivered on 11th march at Italian Parliament. It has been extremely ispiring for many people (and, hopefully, for our Parliament members and ministries, particularly for Paolo Romani who’s responsible for this shameful “Romani decree”) and we are looking forward to seeing how this will influence future developements in our country.

Lessig also followed up today on Italian daily news La Stampa by sending them a very interesting article that they titled “Internet.La trasparenza aiuta la fiducia” (Internet. Trasparency helps trust). This is not really what Lessig meant, I guess, particularly during his lecture -and on his famous pamphlet “Against transparency“- where he argued that actually transparency can also enhance mistrust in democracy.

Article is still not available online but you can find it on La Stampa newspaper today.


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