Creative Commons`Beirut Salon still rocks the city!

Less than two weeks ago, Creative Commons Salon kicked off for the first time in Beirut, and it is still rocking the city with an energizing effect.

Artist Maya Zankoul, who published many of her comics works under CC BY, designed some very cool car stickers for car parking and published them under CC BY NC SA inviting people to use and remix.

The story made a buzz and was covered by national newspaper Al Ahkbar .

The same newspaper announced, during the Beirut Salon -held at Obross last 16 April- to start releasing its web content under a Creative Commons license.

Mansour Aziz, the web and IT manager of Al Akhbar newspaper, who presented at the Salon, said they were hoping to switch to CC for their printed version in the next future.

The Salon also saw Al Jazeera releasing footage specifically on Lebanon for their Creative Commons Al Jazeera repository.

CC Beirut Salon featured Lebanese creativity at its best.

Filmmakers Cyril Aris and Mounia Akl presented their “Beirut I love you I love you not”

singer Tony Yammine and his rock band Meen rocked all over the place with their music

fBassel Safadi gave a very useful CC for filmmakers talk

Jessica Dheere from Social Media Exchange highlighted the use of CC in the Ngos environment

photographer Lara Zankoul delighted the audience with her super stylish CC pics

artist Rania Saghir showed how copyright could be not that boring through her illustrated book

and comics magazine Samandal remixed almost live other Lebanese artists` works under CC to create an interactive mash up

Not to mention the wonderful works presented by Maya Zankoul and Naeema Zarif who were also part of the Beirut Salon`s organizing commitee together with Smex`s  Moham Najem and Yamli`s Habib Haddad.

They made a great job in putting together the first showcase ever of CC Lebanese creativity and  organized a live interactive contest with the audience to create the first CC purely Lebanese slogan. @dashkoun won the competition with his slogan“3tiya men albak”

(I won the second place with my “copyright 3la keifak” immediately remixed by the Lebanese for being too much Syrian!).

Hopefully the winner slogan will be printed on the next to be designed CC Lebanon Tshirt, something as cool as the first one that Maya and Naeema designed and co-remixed for this first Salon (and which I proudly wear!).

And also the official poster for the event was designed by the two Lebanese artists using the same technique of remixing each other`s work

A big thanks to everybody who joined, to @sdarine who was the nice host of the evening, to Beshr Kayali who filmed it (and also presented his podcast under CC), to Joulane from Obross who hosted the Salon, to the slogan competition jury, to the wonderful volunteers` team headed by Maya, Naeema, Mohamed and Habib who organised and to the vibrant Lebanese people who attended and showed their great talent and energy.

Creative Commons Beirut Salon to be held tomorrow at Obross, Beirut!

I`m proud to announce this first Creative Commons Beirut Salon to be held tomorrow 16th April starting at 7pm in  Obross in Hamra, Beirut. With the fantastic energy and passion of people like @MayaZankoul, @Naeema , @HabibH, @MoNajem and many other musicians, illustrators, geeks, visual artists, etc, Creative Commons Lebanese community has been growing and growing during the very past few weeks with incredible results that will be highlighted tomorrow during the presentations.

Please have a look to the programme which is published on different websites

Wiki page:
Maya Zankoul`s blog:

and stay in touch through Twitter @CCBeirut

remix by Maya Zankoul and Naeema Zarif CC BY license

Tomorrow will be a day full of surprises, two great media organisations will make CC related announcements at the Salon and then artists will showcase their music, comics, visual works, films, etc.

We`ll run also a competition about the best and more “lebanese flavoured” CC Slogan (short message, like the 140 twitter characters!) that we`ll use in the future to promote Creative Commons activities in Lebanon. It has to be something cool, inspired by Lebanese street cultures, built up on remix words and expressions from different languages just as it is Lebanon in his everyday vibrant life.

And just as Naeema and Maya did for the beautiful poster of the Salon and image of the Tshirts remixing each other`s work.

(you can buy this cool Tshirt tomorrow to support CC Lebanon and also win it by submitting a cool slogan in pure Lebanese style)

Everybody is welcomed to join this slogan competition submitting proposals through Twitter or coming to the Salon and participating live from there.

Remember: slogan should be short, catchy, remix, street cultures, and purely Lebanese -whatever this means!-.

The list of names to be thanked is sooo long that would take ages . For the moment, I will thank again the beautiful “organising committee” that has showed that Lebanese people are not only creative and energetic but can do a perfect team work and build on sharing and cooperating.

Amazing message to the whole Arab world and the entire world.

Shukran kteer ya sabaya w shabab for this wonderful gift!