Egypt has got its revolution day: 11 Feb!

I`m watching Al Jazeera right now, the screen overcrowded by Egyptian flags, people dancing and jubilating all over Egypt.

The channel has split the screen into two parts: besides this joy and youth, on the other side we can see Omar Suleiman pronouncing the words that have put Mubarak`s 30 years-old regime to an end. Omar Suleiman speaks and his face is white, worried, un-expressive. Behind him, a worn Egyptian flag.

Everything in this TV set speaks about death, oldness, tiredness. Everything is expired, even before Suleiman pronounces the final words, the real “expiring date” of Mubarak`s regime.

Everything is so much in strident contradiction with the other side of the screen where joy, youth, jubilee is exploding.

Youth have won. This has been their revolution, done their way. Through social networks, dance, pacific march, and without any leader.

The victory of loosely joined pieces.

This joyful scene has reminded me   of David Weinberger`s definition of the web as “small pieces loosely joined”. Like the youth of Meydan Tahrir and these live TV images which celebrates the victory of a generation and the way it sees its future and finally seizes it.

Alf, alf mabrouk ya shabbab #Feb11

Picture by Hossam el-Hamalawy published by Guardian


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