“The Al Jazeera Effect: how the new global media are reshaping world politics”

The Al Jazeera Centre for Studies will launch the Arabic Edition of: “The Al Jazeera Effect: How the New Global Media are Reshaping World Politics” next Saturday in Doha, Qatar. The event is part of the upcoming Al Jazeera Forum, which has got an extensive section dedicated to social media.

The book is authored by Professor Philip Seib and translated into Arabic by Ezzeddine Abdelmoula, who works for the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies.

A brief synopsis about the book: The battle for hearts and minds in the Middle East is being fought not on the streets of Cairo, Tunis, Tripoli, Manama or Sana’a, but on the newscasts and talk shows of Al Jazeera. The future of China and other global powers is being shaped not by governments or bureaucracies of the ruling parties, but by bloggers working quietly in cyber cafes. In these and many other instances, traditional ways of reshaping global politics have been superseded by the influence of new media—satellite television, the Internet, and other high-tech tools. Al Jazeera is a paradigm of new media’s influence, and the Al Jazeera effect phenomenon is reshaping the world. The recently published Arabic edition of this topical book that cuts right through the new media debate comes at a time while Al Jazeera’s effect is manifest more than ever before.

About the author: Philip Seib is professor of journalism and public diplomacy at the University of South California. He is the author and editor of many books, including: Headline Diplomacy: How News Coverage Affects Foreign Policy; The Global Journalist: News and Conscience in a World of Conflict; Beyond the Frontlines: How the News Media Cover a World Shaped by War; Media and Conflict in the 21st Century; Broadcasts from the Blitz: How Edward R. Murrow Helped Lead America into War; and New Media and the News Middle East. Professor Seib is co-editor of the journal, Media, War, and Conflict.

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