Amer and free thinking in Syria

Amer Abdelsalam has disappeared in Syria on August, 28. According to the Facebook group set by some of his friends, he was arrested by secret police. Till now, the circumstances remain unclear. What I know is that Amer has not been answering his phone for days. Each time I`ve been dialing his number I`ve got a different weird sound, which was not a good sign at all.

I`ve been knowing Amer for a while. He is a nice, peaceful person. He is a good journalist, somebody who cross-checks facts, asks questions, meets with people to understand situations before writing about anything. He is of a rare species, in Syria and everywhere else. He has also the very rare gift of being “secular” about facts, which for me means just judging the situation in a objective way, even if you belong to one side and you have your own opinion. Being “secular” means not being dependent on your “church”, whether this is a church, or a party or a man or a woman or a belief. Being able to analyse even  the negative sides of the people or the things you believe in. In the sense of free thinking, Amer is a “secular” person.

But on his I.D. there are too many “bad” identification signs: he was born in Dara`a, lives in Midan (central area of Damascus were  many protests have been held) and he is a journalist.

Three things that might mislead his fate in Syria.

Plus, even worst in such a situation, he is a free thinker.


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