Egypt hackerspace meet up in Cairo

I`d like to point you to this event happening today in Cairo, which might be inspiring for those of you that share an interest in open source culture and creative spaces for peer-production. Visit the Facebook page for more info.


Egypt Hackerspace Meetup in Cairo – Meetup Al Wadaa3

Thursday, October 13 · 4:30pm – 8:00pm


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هل أنت مهتم بانشاء مساحة مجتمع للإبداع، مشاريع مفتوحة المصدر، إضافات أنيقة، فن، و صداقات؟ إذن هناك مثلك مئات المصرين! إنضم لنا هذا الخميس لنتكلم عن أفضل كيفية إنشاء hackerspace مصري!

Hundreds of Egyptians have shown interest in creating a community space for creativity, open source projects, neat hacks, art and friendship.

Let’s bring together all the minds from Alexandria, Mansoura and Cairo hackerspace meetup to talk with Cairo Hackerspace members and the GEMSI crew before the GEMSI team leaves Cairo! We’ll be providing pizza, a platform to talk about your ideas and projects and lots of good energy.

Join us this Thursday 4:22PM at:
A is Cairo university main gate
B is the faculty (where you want to be)
Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University
Seminar Room 1

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