Keep an eye on Algeria: tomorrow it might be the day

Many have wondered why Algeria has not moved yet or has failed to move.

I`m not an expert in this country and I`ll promise to post more stuff from researchers and people who know the topic much better than me.

But I just want to draw your attention on the #Wakeupcall #Algeria the day of mobilization which activists have organized for today, February 21st.

The main points of the mobilization –named “Mission n1”, so maybe there will be more to follow —  are summed up by activists :

send a message to the President starting from 10 am to launch the campaign

message should be the same and should be sent by email or fax : “We, the Algerian youth, ask the President of the Republic to make people under 35 years old part of the political process and to make this official before the end of 2012”

More info here on Facebook and on the Wakeupcall website, which is actually a global website (in English) including similar mobilizations scheduled in countries like India or Iraq.

Whether just an Internet call, we should keep an eye on Algeria and see if/how these mobilization campaigns eventually turns into something else.


3 thoughts on “Keep an eye on Algeria: tomorrow it might be the day

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  2. The Algeria is a huge country with many resources and many young people but unfortunately the economic development of the country is lagging behind since independence. I am the son of “black foot” and I am very closely the news of this beautiful country and I have my grandparents were born. Thank you for your article. Julian

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