Ali Farzat`s drawing “remixed” for propaganda purposes

This cartoon allegedly made by Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was posted on Damascus News Network (DNN) Facebook page.

DNN is a pro-regime activists` group that has been active in Syria since the first months of the revolution. When I first saw Ali Ferzat`s drawing, with sheep following a bearded man and carrying the sign “freedom” (hurryia) I could hardly believe that. I`m just back from London and I`ve spent some quality time with Ali, he doesnt seem the kind of person who buys into the “salafist revolution” narrative cooked to scare secular people and minorities.

Such a drawing, with such an incendiary text against Louay Hussein (leader of the opposition movement “building a civil society”) looked so much not Ali Ferzat. Then, the miracles of the web. You ask the community, the community answers.

Syrian tweep @BSyria immediately sent me the original drawing, this one here below, which was taken from his website, put out of context and re-mixed by a Photoshop skilled guy, I suppose. Then it was posted on DNN just to support that incendiary post and prove that even the secular elite, artists and intellectuals like Ali, are scared by this “Islamic” revolution.

Propaganda war is unfortunately still alive and kicking in Syria, in broadcast media as much as on the Internet.

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