Music and Art from Syria revolution

Syrian bear– Yumal

Syrian bear– Simo

Khalil Younes – Qashoush

Al Fann wal Hurrya 

Spray men– Graffiti

Al Qazan as-sury

Khaled Abdelwahed– Bullet: a Syrian short story

Juan Zero – Syrian cartoonist

Jaber al Azmeh– photography

Hamid Suleiman– Ghiath Matar


Rajul al-bakhakh (Spray men)


Bruce WallaceMy people love me

Ziad Majed and Nadia Aissaoui – Quand la peur change de camp 

Yves Gonzales-QuijanoThe Pixelised revolution: art et revolution 

Donatella Della RattaCreative resistance challenges Syria`s regime

Donatella Della RattaIrony, satire, and humor in the battle for Syria

Amelie RivesArt and revolution: The Syrian case 

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