“Join the strike”: a message to merchants and shop-keepers in Syria

“Sharek fel Idrab” (Join the strike) is the latest song composed by Syrian revolutionary band Syrian Bear who did “Ana ismi nidham” (My name is regime).


The song calls upon all the workers -whether a taxi driver, a builder, etc- to join the strike because  “you`re not a client in your country”.

In the past few days in Damascus the strike looked as the best way to protest against the killings who took place in Houla a week ago.

It seems that many shops were closed in sign of protest yesterday, too.



Sarrujia, Damascus, 31 May 2012




Shagoor, Damascus, 31 May 2012



Aasali, Damascus, 31 May 2012


Many videos also showed how, in response to the huge success of the strike even in Old Damascus (an area which has been very quiet and very controlled too), the army and some thugs have clearly threatened shop-keepers and obliged them to keep their shops open.





Old Damascus, 31 May 2012 


And this is a beautiful video of a peaceful march organized by Damascus youth just under Mount Qassioun, the beautiful mountain surrounding the Syrian capital. The march also calls for the release of Yahya Shurbaji, a prominent activist from the peaceful movement in Daraya, in the outskirts of Damascus. Yahya “disappeared” somewhere in Syrian jails last October 2011.




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