Bassem Youssef on Qatar

“El Bernameg” is an hilarious talk show authored by Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, a jewel of irony and satire in the Arab media landscape.

Recently, Youssef has made headlines worldwide for being accused of “insulting the president” (Morsi) in his show, but two days ago the case was dismissed by a Cairo court.

This episode n 20 of “El Bernameg” not only documents the solidarity that Youssef has received from journalists and activists worldwide.

Actually, the most interesting part is when the comedian mocks Qatar and its intervention in Egypt`s internal affairs — well, he also mentions how the tiny Gulf state is buying France, UK, Italy, etc–.

There is also a sketch featuring Youssef and two Qatari men who are supposed to be the correspondents for a new version of  “El Bernameg”, a version that should give more prominence to the Gulf state. But eventually Youssef discovers that the two Qataris have bought the entire TV show. When Youssef asks them “what about our audience?”, the two Qataris promptly answer “How much is it?”. “How much are your eyes, Bassem?”, they add.

The most hilarious part is probably the choir mocking Qatar and its “qawmiyya al-arabiyya” (Arab nationalism).

I dont usually like to refer to Memri which is a very questionable organization but, for those who don`t understand Arabic and are curious to learn what this choir is about, here is the English translation provided by the US based research center.

Bassem Youssef`s words towards the end of the show should be kept in mind. He reminds the audience that the real problem does not lie in the one who buys, but in the one who sells. It`s Egypt who is selling everything to Qatar, Qatar only buys what is on sale. A clear accusation to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood who are currently ruling the country.





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