The fridge is still standing

A friend of mine took this picture in Harasta and gave it to me…



Harasta is a suburb of Damascus` countryside. My dear friend Bassel Safadi, who has now been jailed for more than one year, used to live there. There is no such a thing named Harasta anymore. It has been completely destroyed.

Yet, that fridge is still standing. Like the Syrian people. Against all odds, left alone by Western and Arab governments, public opinion, media. They are still standing. It breaks my heart to see how people outside only care about what`s gonna happen in Syria after the fall of the Assads – whether this materializes the fear of having Islamists seizing power or other sorts of fears -, yet very few care about what`s happening in Syria NOW.

The fridge is still standing. But it`s not because of us.

(I thank so much my anonymous friend for having thought about me and sent this picture)


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