This advertising poster was spotted in Damascus and uploaded to Facebook today. It`s about the presidential elections in Syria which president Bashar al-Asad announced to be held next June.

The poster says: “Your vote=the country Your vote=president”

A friend on Facebook added: “Your vote…a barrel bomb” (صوتك برميل.”)



Activists have started a social media campaign under the hashtag #Assadcampaignslogans to mock the president`s decision to held elections even in the midst of a bloody conflicts with millions of Syrians being displaced.

Here you can find a selection of tweets:

“I will rebuild Syria from the ashes (as soon as i finish burning it completly)”


With 9 million Syrians displaced and 50% of the country obliterated, my life’s work is only half-done.


Bringing Syrians Together and Blowing Them Apart Since 2011.

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