Syria Untold at Ars Electronica

Syria Untold, the web aggregator on Syria`s creative resistance, has just been awarded by the prestigious Ars Electronica festival with the honorary mention in the digital communities category.
This is a very important award in the domain of digital arts and creativity, and it`s an acknowledgment of the hard work that the Syria Untold team has been doing since the beginning of our journey in 2012.

I`m extremely happy and proud to be one of the co-founder of this project which is run on a daily basis by a team of talented and brave Syrians who work very hard to collect stories of creative resistance inside the country.
Above all, I am humbled by those Syrians who are still defiant and continue working on creative resistance against all odds.  This award symbolically goes to them.

Syria Untold focuses on this very aspect of the Syrian uprising which is often forgotten by mainstream media. For those who would like to stay updated on the topic, you are welcome to join the Syria Untold weekly newsletter by clicking “Subscribe” on the top left side of the screen here




Syria: elections in defiance

Tomorrow is Syria`s election day.

Bashar al-Asad has launched his “Sawa” (together) campaign with a strong online presence both on Facebook and on Twitter ,





(Pics from Sawa Facebook page)

and also on YouTube, where many famous Syrian actors such as Bab al hara`s hero “Mootaz” aka Wael al-Sharq and Syrian movie and musalsalat star Dureid Laham have encouraged people to go vote

-Intakhab, Vote, is the slogan of another (pro-Assad) campaign called Suriya Tantakhib-.


Activists have immediately reacted, using creativity and dark humor to highlight the absurdity of these elections happening while millions of civilians are displaced, bombed, and forced to starve.

Here you are some of the most interesting artwork and parodies created by Syrian artists and activists.

From SyriaUntold:

Syrian elections and parallel realities

Syrian dark humor and the elections


Intakhab (Vote) artwork by Wissam al Jazairy remixed by SyriaUntold

From Wissam al Jazairy`s Facebook page:


Elections, by Wissam al Jazairy

Lots of creative works and parodies on elections can be found on Dawlaty:



Picture from Dawlaty Facebook page


Other popular anti-elections anti-Asad Facebook pages are Blood Elections (Intikhabat al-damm), Sawa Crimes, and For Humanity Only.

Hilarious video parodies of the Syrian actors encouraging people to vote can be found here and here and here.