Revamping Syria’s creative resistance

These days, we don’t hear that much concerning Syrian civil society and its resilience. Yet, this is something we should care about and we should try to listen to Syrian voices from civil society that have been silenced by the polarization Syrian regime vs ISIS (Da’ash).
I’m proud to be part of a team of committed scholars, journalists and activists who are doing their best to deliver those silenced voices to the general public. Our common project, the web portal on Syrian civil society and emerging creativity  SyriaUntold,  has just been revamped. It has a new look, and contains new features and also a new section which highlights our recent partnership with Open Democracy  “Looking inside the uprising” .
This new section features articles on “collective memory”, “creative resistance”, “emerging media”, and “sectarianism”, a topic highly debated these days in the context of the Syrian uprising
The last article penned by our Mohamed Dibo , “Assad’s secular sectarianism”,  has been widely discussed, bringing a new perspective to a debate which is too often framed by Western media in a very polarized way, i.e. “Assad’s secularism” vs “sunni jihadism”.
We hope that, even such a small contribution as SyriaUntold is, can at least help shed light on issues and perspectives quite often forgotten in the international debate, or lost in the “black and white” frame applied to Syria these days.
We do our best to highlight the efforts and the incredible resilience of Syrian civil society, featuring its defiance and creative resistance.
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