Syria’s Romeo & Juliet at Zaatari Camp

For the World Theatre Day, 27 March, Syrian actor and director Nawwar Bulbul will premiere “Romeo & Juliet” at the Zaatar refugee camp in Jordan.

The theatre play will be entirely performed by Syrian refugee children living in Zaatari; they will be joined on Skype by other Syrian kids, still living inside the country.

Nawwar has directed other theatre plays performed by Syrians living inside the camps. Recently, his “King Lear” adapted from a Shakespeare’s play has gained international attention.

Watch out for this new “Romeo & Juliet” production in Zaatari which hopefully will travel around the world (although never easy to get visas for Syrians, these days; not even for those involved in arts and culture).

Bassel Safadi’s third year in a Syrian jail

Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of the beginning of Syria’s uprising.

It also, very sadly, marked the detention of our beloved friend, open-source advocate Bassel Khartabil aka Safadi.

Several initiatives have been launched on the web, particularly this one which aims at building an #offlinelibrary for our friend. You can contribute your gift here.

I’d like to republish what Bassel’s wife, Noura Ghazi, has written on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of his detention.

Bassel won’t be forgotten, as much as the other political prisoners still waiting for justice, dignity, and freedom, locked up in Syrian jails.
This day is very hard on me, i am trying not to remember the details of our lats evening together , 3 years ago.

i am trying to keep myself busy with anything, with anyone , but every minute i remember a day that seems too far away now. what we spoke about that night , what did we eat ?

what were you wearing, why did we argue that evening, and when i started crying and telling you i have a very weird feeling inside of me and am afraid we won’t be getting married , you started cooling me down , dry my tears and promising me that we will still go on and have our wedding day on the day we agreed and we will celebrate and everything will happen according to plan. i did not know then , that only few hours were away from your arrest, and i did not know then that i will start counting days months and years of you being absent

…. that day we spent together is a very hard day to forget… and after they took you it has become even more hard to forget… it is impossible to forget the day with its details , impossible to forget you uttering the word i am afraid while asleep , the word: afraid … still rings in my head and in my heart for 3 years .

3 years and i have been living a fear i have never lived in my life, and i am fighting , because i love you , because i love you i am fighting. i am fighting everything but your love that is taking over my soul … do you remember how many times i told you i love you that day? and after 3 years , and after 20 years i will always love you , i will always wait for you every single dirty month of march until i die… Noura Ghazi Safadi