Euromed audiovisual“, 10-11 november, Cairo, Egypt

Meet the Media Guru”, 4 november 2008, Milan, Italy

IGF Forum Italy”, 22-23 october 2008, Cagliari, Italy

Social networking keynote: Joi Ito Ceo Creative Commons interviewed by Donatella Della Ratta“, Miptv Cannes tv market, 10 april 2008, Cannes, France

L’Unione Europea e il Medio Oriente: una prospettiva mediorientale“, 13 march 2008, Forum per i problemi della pace e della guerra, Florence, Italy

L’Occidente visto dai media arabi“, 26-27 january 2008, Teatro Palladium, Rome, Italy
Festival press reviews

Dialogo tra culture e media. La televisione satellitare quale nuovo ponte tra società e culture nei Paesi dell’area euro-mediterranea, 29-30 october 2007, Euro Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, Apem, Rome, Italy

Islam and the western world: the role of the media” 16-17 march 2007, European Journalism Observatory, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
reviewed by : Yassin Musharbash, Spiegel online

On Arab media“, 21 june 2006, Aula, Helsinki, Finland
reviewed by: 3Quarks Daily

EU – Arab world relations: new dynamics, new challenges and new opportunities“, 20 april 2006, European Parliament Commitee on Foreign Affairs, Brussels, Belgium

Gulf Broadcasting: Tapping Into Vibrant Growth Opportunities” 04 april 2006, Miptv Cannes tv market, Cannes, France

Why the West does not understand Al Jazeera“, 1-6 september 2005, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria

Freedom of expression in new Arab landscape“, 29 dicember 2004, 21st Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin, Germany
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