Research Activities

Currently researching:

Syrian TV drama (musalsalat) as PHD fellow at Copenhagen University and the Danish Institute in Damascus.

Past researches:

“The image of European Union inside Al Jazeera programming” (English)
Title of Research Project “The external image of the European Union” , coordinated by Sonia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Fioramonti at the Forum on the problems of Peace and War, in the framework of the Network of Excellence Garnet, sustained by Mae (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

“The role of media and new communication technologies in the Arab countries” (English)
Research project issued by PSE Group Secretariat, Mediterranean and Middle East Unit, European Parliament, Brussels

“The issue of culture in Arab televisions of Mediterranean countries” (abstract in English)
Research project commissioned by Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Facoltà di Architettura (2006)

“Film Commission mediterranee” (Italian)
Research project commissioned by Fondazione Rosselli, Istituto di Economia dei Media (2006)

“West as portrayed in Arab tv programs and advertising” (Castellano/Catalano/English)
Research project commissioned by CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (2005)

“Osservatorio sulle televisioni del Mediterraneo del Sud” (Italian)
Research project commissioned by Isicult, Rome and Department of Marketing, Italian national television Rai (2004)

“Nuovi linguaggi per nuovi media” (Italian)
Research project commissioned by Isimm, Rome (2003)

“I media nel Mediterraneo” (Italian)
Research project commissioned by Ispi, Milan (2001)