Remembering the chemical attack in Ghouta

….one year has passed since a chemical attack was launched on “Ghouta”, in the outskirts of Damascus, the area which was once known as “the green belt”, “the oasis” of Damascus..

A Facebook group called Ghouta-we will never forget you and a number of other initiatives – such as a Global Day of solidarity with Syria and the Twitter campaign under the hashtag #breathingdeath – have been launched.

One year has passed, and people are still dying in Syria, with or without gas, with or without chemical attacks.

In this crazy summer, when the entire Middle East is burning, and Libya, Palestine, Iraq, so Arab many countries seem to be in a status of permanent unrest; when the “fight against terrorism” aka ISIS seems to have taken center stage -with none asking from where this terror has originated and why-, we won’t forget Ghouta.

Ghouta is constantly there to remind all of us that humanity has failed, once again…


Ghouta_FB_19Aug2014 Ghouta2 Ghouta4 Ghouta6 moaddamiyeh2 moaddamiyeh4 moaddamiyeh21aug2014 Gouta5 moaddamiyeh5


Posters from the Facebook group in solidarity with Ghouta

Graffiti from Mouaddamiyeh, Damascus