Damascus` sit-in for Libya/A significant picture of Italy abroad

No comment.

Had somebody told me that one day I would have walked out in the streets of an Arab country to join a sit-in in solidarity of people that are suffering in another Arab country and I would have seen, first thing, such a sign hold by an unknown protester, I woudn`t have believed this.

“Mo`amar (Gheddafi) go to Italy”, it said..and then added: “they are booking for an ugly model”.

Once upon a time Italy was about history, beauty, culture, art, nice food, beautiful landscapes, great football players (and, yes, colonialism..not a soft one, as Italians believe..an harsh one, on Libya, too).

Now there is a guy in Damascus -and he`s not alone- who thinks that Italy and Libya`s regimes are the same.

Today in Damascus I was screaming and protesting in solidarity of Libyan people and for the crime this crazy guy is committing. But I`m also screaming and protesting over my own country, back to the other side of Mediterranean, where not enough people are screaming and protesting for the crime being committed. And this makes them -us- guilty.

Please, Italy, forget about our Prime minister`s bedtime affairs and do stay focused on what`s happening in Libya which concerns us so much more.

If there is a good reason to have this crazy Berlusconi`s government fall, it`s not Ruby or any other teenagers stuff, but it`s its unbelievable behavior vis-a-vis Libya and its people.