Internet Governance Forum to start in Cagliari next week

I am going next week to join this interesting event in Cagliari, the Internet Governance Forum (22-24 october).  Many issues will be tackled with different experts, one of them is the diversity issue. I am going to talk about the most recent web developments in the Arab world, the issues that the Arab world is going to face next, how the web is improving the Arab public sphere, self expression, public debate and of course social and cultural change. The Forum will re-open the discussion on the Internet Bill of Rights which is a very much needed international agreement that should contribute to keep the Internet as free and open to innovation and creativity as it always used to be.  Some recent developments in Europe like the French proposal on a very restrictive anti piracy law prove that we are in a urgent need of “a code of ethics” to keep Internet as a place for freedom of expression, innovation, creativity, diversity and pluralism, not for monopoly, control or restrictive access. For those who are around see you in beatiful Sardinia next week.

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